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World's first STREAM Adventure Game

Adventure through mystical worlds and use the magic of math and science on your quest to save planet BooMEE from the evil Time Creeper.

STREAM stands for Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Mathematics

Making STREAM fun through play

What’s in the game?

What people say about BooMEE...

Genevieve Griffin, Founder & CEO, Small Steps Go Places

It's awesome to see two very talented and driven young women create and improve something that will inspire girls to reach higher in their own aspirations, while having fun

Holly Lynn Ellis, Film & Video Producer

BooMEE will introduce young people to the joy of STREAM and the thrill of curiosity.

Elyse Fleischer-Yedid, Math Teacher

A fun way to reinforce what students are learning in school, [and] a wonderful tool to keep children motivated to reach higher levels of knowledge. Highly recommend!

Rev. Fr. Dan Kearney, Ascension Church

The creators of this game are highly motivated, enthusiastic, young women -- very passionate about STREAM education [and] children learning -- particularly through active engagement.

Melissa Moore, Vice Principal, Ascension School Manhattan

This is a wonderful program and group of people that have come together to educate and provide STREAM projects that students absolutely love. My students had fun and learned about STREAM concepts at the same time. This is great!

Sabrina & Maria

Sabrina loves math, but she has trouble with multiplication. This game would really help her to get better in this area. I felt language is not a barrier in playing this game with my daughter. (translated from Spanish)

Nicholas & Nilda

Awesome game, six out of 5 stars, beat that!

Emilia & Rosario

My daughter Emilia and I loved playing the game BooMEE. Emilia is in 3rd grade and I can see her learning math through this game.

Innovative curriculums that promote out of the box learning

BooMEE Curriculum

client - The School at Columbia University

Coding curriculum

Clients- ColumbiaUniversityGirlsinSTEM with corporate sponsors - Microsoft, National Geographic, Miami Dolphins, GoldmanSachs

Eat Well Curriculum

Get Fit Curriculum

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